15 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Dog Lovers This Summer

15 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Dog Lovers This Summer

There is no doubt that a lot of dog lovers are living around us. According to survey results conducted by several sources, about 48% of American households have 1 dog or more. Yet, a sad truth remains: Not everyone knows how to avoid dressing up like a dog's dinner, especially when it comes to summer shirts.

Don’t be shy if you happen to be one of them. That’s why this article is published in order to help you look good from head to toe with an impressive Dog Hawaiian Shirt.

1. Funny Yorkshire Terrier Dog Tropical Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

The Dog Hawaiian shirts are covered by overjoyed dog faces to pump up your feelings and create a cheerful atmosphere. Therefore, they should perfectly cater to dog lovers’ tastes whether on a holiday trip with the family, a festive event or at a pool party in the summer.

2. Funny Dog And Summer Unicorn On Pink Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

This Dog shirt model gives a vintage vibe and adds a touch of modern color styles. Its distinctive combined tones are more than enough for you to be dressed to kill.

3. Funny Funny Dog Happy Irish Patrick Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

This Funny Dog shirt can bring out a chuckle from anyone. Due to the bright tones, everyone standing near you can feel the fun and get immersed in a cheerful ambiance, we bet that!

4. Funny Tropical Banana Dachshund Dog Summer Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

Every time you wear this item, it would be the best way for you to express your mindset that  "My life can’t live without Dog". With the theme of Dachshund which is always ready to grab a surfboard and hit the beach, you’ll remember how happy you are with your dog in your current life.

5. Funny Pomeranian Dog Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

This soft Hawaiian Shirt is featured with cute and compliment printed images. The adorable shirt is covered with summer dog prints that offer up fun, and memorable moments.

6. Funny Dog And Watercolor Autumn Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

When headed to a summer barbeque or Hawaiian-themed party, don’t leave out your four-legged friend. In sizes small, medium, and large, the Watercolor Autumn Hawaiian Shirt is made of 95% Woven Polyester Fabric and is machine washable. The pattern of funny dog will be the most impressive feature at the party.

7. Funny Dogs Tropical Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

Fancy a real dog in a Hawaiian shirt instead of a graphical illustration? In a competition for loveliness, nothing compares to this Funny Dogs Tropical Hawaiian Shirt. The green and black of the background do a great job of shining a spotlight on dogs. Moreover, this feature also gives you a sense of tropical because these are the colors of nature. Whenever you wear this shirt, you are proud of being an animal lover. 

8. Funny Dog Grumpy Dog Mardi Gras Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

Go ahead, and give yourself a makeover with our fun and lovely Hawaiian shirts. Grumpy Dog are always ready to immerse in the noisy summer. Thanks to this adorable Hawaiian, you and your pup can stay lovely and comfy on any adventure.

9. Funny Golden Retriever Dog Tropical Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

At school or at work, you will notice people would stop to compliment your beautiful Dog Hawaiian Shirt. Let's confidently strike up conversations among colleagues to get rid of the boiling summer with this  lovely shirt having cute faces of German Shepherds

10. Funny Funny Pug Dog Lemon Tropical Custom Photo Hawaiian Shirt

Despite appearing in a tropical pattern, this shirt brings you a mysterious feeling but is extremely lovely due to the serious faces of the Pug Dog. If you are really into German Shepherd, it seems that the Pug Dog Lemon Tropical Hawaiian Shirt is the best choice for you!


This Hawaiian Shirt with a basic design is the perfect choice for any day of the week in summer. This is one of our best sellers for a reason. Relaxed, tailored, and ultra-comfortable with a mild background tone, you will love the way you look in this durable, reliable style.

For more reference, take a look at our custom printed items with Dogs here.

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